Our Therapists are simply the "best of the best" and truly the cream of the crop in Sarasota!


We should know; we’ve interviewed many since we opened on Siesta Key more than 25 years ago! At Hands of Light, we work only with fully licensed, qualified, and insured individuals with no less than 10 years experience in the art, with most of our Therapists having more than 15-25 years experience. All of our colleagues maintain a semblance of their own practices, including practices at other spas in town, and some are alumni of the most celebrated spas in the country, including the award winning Ritz Carlton in Sarasota and The Four Seasons Resort in Las Vegas.

They have interesting stories and have lived interesting lives, not only as Healthcare Practitioners, but also as Parents, Teachers, Architects, Bankers, Dancers, Designers, Baristas, and Artists. We know them very well. They possess the utmost integrity and they are our friends. We hope that you enjoy their complete dedication to the craft the way we do.


*Pls. Note: All Therapists are extremely proficient in most any type of service we offer, running the gamut from relaxation massage to modalities of more intense, demanding & specific work. We like to say that "The Greatest Therapists Wear Many Hats!"

Shaunna Cox, LMT

Shaunna joins us from the Great Salt Lake! Mild mannerisms belie strong capabilities! Dually licensed as a facial Esthetician, Shaunna excels at Ashiatsu - a type of deep therapy in which the therapist walks on a client's back using bars for support.


License - #65110

Gina McLaughlin LMT

web ginaGina is our amazing find from chilly Princeton! Gina has a strong background in Yoga Instruction & fitness, & has extensive background in both spa work & private practice. Here is yet another LMT we cannot say enough about! Try her out yourself! A WOW!


License - #75663


web julieWe are fortunate to have Julie join our Team by way of NJ and California!


Julie is a Veteran Therapist in our field, with over 18 years experience in the "Big Spa Industry", as we refer to it! Julie's calm, great listening demeanor is reflective of her Rutger's University undergrad Psych degree, and this LMT will DEFINITELY take you down 5 notches, no question!


Julie's forward thinking on health led her to take the plunge fearlessly as a creative Entrepreneur in the Nutritional Smoothie business, where she built an amazingly successful grassroots organic nutritional company in California in recent years. Julie's expertise now also lies in her unique style of deliciously detailed bodywork, while paying close attention to exactly what it is the client is asking for. Julie believes communication is the absolute best policy between Client and Therapist.


Be prepared to float out the front door on a cumulus cloud of cotton if you are fortunate enough to book a session with Julie! 


MA# 84883

Nanci Paluzzi

web nanciNanci comes to us from every corner of the USA! Raised in CT with a BA in Education, Nanci has spent over 30 years as an LMT and Educator of the Healing Arts.


This strong and happy spirited Practitioner has held Licenses in 7 states and has practiced in most recent years on the beautiful Orcas Island, WA! Nanci's vast background includes, but is not limited to Neuromuscular Massage, Myofascial Release work, Reflexology, Prenatal, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Active Assisted Stretch work, Clinical Rehab work, & Joint mobilization.


That's just the "short list"! We bow to her expertise and extensive experience in our industry! A highly respected talent we are thrilled to have onboard!

Shannon Branson

web shannonShannon comes to us originally by way of Illinois and most recently, Tampa. Shannon is an enthusiastic Therapist with many years experience, offering super high-quality bodywork across the board! Shannon has successfully built and maintained 2 private practices over the past 14 years.


This is a VERY strong & capable Therapist who can manage absolutely anything & everything we throw at her! Shannon has some extremely interesting & effective therapy techniques that you definitely need to try out to believe! Shannon's versatility is also second to none, and you can't help but love her infectious, happy, and healthy attitude. Big time recommend!

Kelly Ferreira

web kellyWe are fortunate to have Kelly (and her New England accent!) join us from beautiful Cape Cod, where she began her professional journey in the agricultural nursery industry, operating her own landscape design business for many years. Kelly's interest in plants & herbal healing properties led naturally to an intense interest in the health and healing of people!


She began in Boston, followed by New Hampshire, receiving her formal training in Shiatsu - a form of Acupressure Therapy practiced in Chinese Medicine. Kelly now practices Deep Tissue Massage, mainstream Swedish, Abdominal/Visceral Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release Work, Prenatal Massage, & Lymphatic Drainage work.


Kelly enjoys helping clients move toward feeling their very best! Here is a fantastic Therapist with boundless energy and a fascinating knowledge base on healthcare! - BONUS!


Renee comes to us from NY as a Therapist with both a strong background in Rehabilitative & Deep Tissue work, as well as having extensive experience in the Spa Industry. What a great mix and a true asset for us! Renee has the ability to treat both sports injuries, joint function, and muscle strength, focusing on rehabilitation and recovery, as well as the ability to switch gears and manage the relaxing & delightful Spa work we offer. Renee gives a strong massage and has the capacity & background to treat and assist with any condition presented to her. Get on this gal's table ASAP! We are lucky to have her onboard.... you will be seeing much more of this dynamo around Hands of Light Massage! Triple Whammy Newsflash!   


Renee is also a Licensed Facial Esthetician as well as a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner with 20+ years experience in the holistic health field. Renee spearheads our expanding Skincare program for both women & men!  Get on Renee's schedule while she has an opening!  MA#83197, FB#756141


web stephanieStephanie comes to us from frosty Maine, with a home state of Missouri growing up! Stephanie's stellar credentials include a BS in Exercise Science, followed by a Master's Degree in Education. Her interest in Anatomy and Physiology quite naturally led her to a career path in Massage Therapy in recent years. Stephanie is highly experienced in Trigger Point Therapy and rehabilitative work. Her skills also include Cupping and Prenatal Massage, in addition to the always necessary skillset of superb relaxation work. Stephanie's integrative approach to deeper tissue massage therapy releases soft tissue restrictions, thus breaking the immediate pain cycle with clients.


Moms-To-Be will also appreciate her skill at addressing the everyday discomfort that can accompany pregnancy. Steph brings to the table all the valid reasons one should book a massage with her immediately, and we are so pleased to have her onboard! MA#393680

Bev Smith, BS, LMT

web bevBev is a Veteran Therapist with 25 yrs experience @ Massage. Well versed in most massage modalities @ this point, Bev holds certification in Medical Massage, specializing in focused rehabilitation of the hip, low back, and neck.


Bev is the longtime Owner and Operations Manager of Hands of Light Massage Therapy and loves the tranquil and peaceful energy of her tropical oasis on Siesta Key.


License #12177


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