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Our Team

Our Therapists are simply the "best of the best" and truly the cream of the crop in Sarasota!

We should know; we’ve interviewed many since we opened on Siesta Key 35 years ago! At Hands of Light, we work only with fully licensed, qualified, and insured individuals with no less than 10 years experience in the art, with most of our Therapists having more than 15-25 years experience. All of our colleagues maintain a semblance of their own practices, including practices at other spas in town, and some are alumni of the most celebrated spas in the country, including the award winning Ritz Carlton in Sarasota and The Four Seasons Resort in Las Vegas.

They have interesting stories and have lived interesting lives, not only as Healthcare Practitioners, but also as Parents, Teachers, Architects, Bankers, Dancers, Designers, Baristas, and Artists. We know them very well. They possess the utmost integrity and they are our friends. We hope that you enjoy their complete dedication to the craft the way we do.

* Pls. Note: All Therapists are extremely proficient in most any type of service we offer, running the gamut from relaxation massage to modalities of more intense, demanding & specific work. We like to say that "The Greatest Therapists Wear Many Hats!"



Tracey is a Florida local who graduated from Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in 2018. Upon graduation she immediately advanced her career as a nail technician at Ritz-Carlton Sarasota to a massage therapist in their elite spa. Tracey began working to the world class standards providing excellent service as a massage therapist.

In 2019 Tracy completed her training as a licensed esthetician and was able to work fully as a dual licensed therapist. She enjoys providing deep therapeutic work to her clients and has her own little twist on releasing tension with slow deep movements. She specializes also in Swedish massage when adding the enhancement of hot stones she can provide the perfect level of relaxation to release overworked muscles.

Tracey will be incorporating facials in the coming months. She’s trained in HydraFacial, SkinCeuticals, ESPA, and Kerstin Florian along with Dermaflash to remove hair and exfoliate before a facial. When Tracey is not working she’s at the beautiful beaches as that’s her favorite place to be, and she might tell you some cool scuba diver stories from time to time. “ Enjoy your life, and do what makes you happy”.



Necal arrives to Hands of Light Massage Therapy via the great State of Maine!  Necal has both great professional and interpersonal skills, as she has been in the service industry her entire life, with family owning a wonderful resturant in Bal Harbor!  This is a gal who will always jump in and who readily understands the hard work that is massage.  

She is indeed an up and coming strong therapist, who will go the extra mile to assist you in any and all ways possible to help you feel better, or just to completely chill!  Necal comes to the massage industy from her own personal needs standpoint & discovered massage at a young age as an absolute necessity while putting the pedal to the metal in the food and beverage industry!   She is a ball of great energy who is ready at the helm to get you feeling sooooo much better!  Book Now!  



Vicki is a native of Sarasota! A graduate of Sarasota School of Massage in 2012, Vicki says becoming a massage therapist was the best decision that she has ever made. Her desire to help people feel their best is truly her purpose for becoming a bodyworker. 

She is not only skilled in her practice, she listens with her hands intuitively and treats each client with individualized care to meet their specific needs. 

Vicki takes thoughtful considerations with elderly clients. She even has training in the beautiful techniques of Lomi Lomi.

With versatility in her training she takes care to customize each massage accordingly.  Book with Vicki and you will feel rejuvenated, and energetically refreshed. She looks forward to meeting you and taking care of all your massage needs!



Alaina comes to us from gorgeous Martha's Vineyard, where she had a longtime, varied practice for the past 2 decades. Alaina has departed Massachusetts in favor of our Siesta Key sunshine. 

We are very pleased to have her calm demeanor onboard, and her skill set, which is second to none. Alaina's expanse of bodywork knowledge is vast, and includes all forms of accomplished massage, including medical massage work, rehab work, neuromuscular work, and the modalities in between on the massage therapy spectrum. Alaina is a born educator in our industry, and we highly recommend you book with this Intuitive Therapist, ASAP!



After nine rewarding years of working as a Licensed Massage Therapist, she truly lives by the saying "Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life." Nicole has a passion for exploring ways she can learn and deepen her practice as a bodyworker.

Nicole is a Ritz Carlton trained LMT with an extensive background in Neuromuscular Rehab techniques, Cupping, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Assisted stretch techniques for Sports Massage, Table Thai, and general amazing massage excellence. In other words, she can do it all fabulously!  Do not hesitate to book with this talented therapist now!  

Nicole is the new owner of Hands of Light Massage and Day Spa. She looks forward to continuing this beautiful massage establishment on Siesta Key.  Bev Smith has retired from being the proud owner of our beautiful massage business for the past 32 years. Nicole looks forward to meeting each client personally! 



Stephanie comes to us live from St. Louis, can do it all, and very well, we might add! Big Kudos for big experience. Steph transitioned into the Massage arena with her Master's Degree in teaching. Maybe Stephanie's clients on the massage table become so chill that they can't talk back like those kids in the classroom.
Stephanie is one of those rare finds who can pretty much do it all & always with a smile on her face! Steph is an Athlete who listens to her clients needs, and addresses them fully. She is well versed in Relaxation work, Deep Tissue Rehab Injury Work, Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping, Neuromuscular work, Prenatal, and most anything that comes her way! Stephanie is a delightful asset to the Team, and we are thrilled to have her onboard for several years now at Hands of Light Massage. You cannot go wrong booking with this LMT! Do it now!


Lauren comes to us with a plethora of skills and an experiential background second to none in our Industry! This Wellness and Fitness Professional is well versed in Swedish Relaxation work, Medical Massage Rehab work, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue work, LomiLomi, Shiatsu, Table Thai, & Prenatal Services. Her knowledge of the human body and delightful upbeat personality definitely make Lauren a "Cut Above"! Book now!
Communication, Professionalism, Quality "Amazing massage therapist!! As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I know what it takes to be an expert in body work and soft tissue work. Lauren went above and beyond my expectations. I could not recommend her enough. Fantastic! 5 stars. Perfect for relaxation, muscle recovery, pain relief and self care!" Regi B.


We are fortunate to have Julie join our Team by way of NJ and California! Julie is a Veteran Therapist in our field, with over 18 years experience in the "Big Spa Industry", as we refer to it! Julie's calm, great listening demeanor is reflective of her Rutger's University undergrad Psych degree, and this LMT will DEFINITELY take you down 5 notches, no question!

Julie's forward thinking on health led her to take the plunge fearlessly as a creative Entrepreneur in the Nutritional Smoothie business, where she built an amazingly successful grassroots organic nutritional company in California in recent years. Julie's expertise now also lies in her unique style of deliciously detailed bodywork, while paying close attention to exactly what it is the client is asking for. Julie believes communication is the absolute best policy between Client and Therapist. Be prepared to float out the front door on a cumulus cloud of cotton if you are fortunate enough to book a session with Julie!



Cheryl comes to us from the Motor City of Detroit! Cheryl has been very busy honing her skills for the past many years and has been immersed in rehabilitative work with several Physical Therapists in the Sarasota area, as well as being involved at an Acupuncture Clinic locally.

Cheryl enjoys educating people about their bodies & utilizes all techniques garnered from her Acupuncture and Physical Therapy exposure and background to incorporate a great massage with you in mind! Whether you simply want to totally chill, or have more specific injury or pain items that need addressed, Cheryl can help! With her kind and easy mannerism, you need to check Cheryl's talent out ASAP!



Sara Kotomski departed the gray skies of Pittsburgh to join us at the Beach with special training and is exceptionally skilled in treating clients by manually manipulating muscles and other soft tissues to relieve pain, help heal injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and in promoting general wellness. As a Massage Therapist, Sara performs a wide variety of therapeutic body massages. Sara's talented & energetic repertoire includes Medical massage, Sports massage, Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Shiatsu massage, Qi Kung massage, Thai massage, Hydrotherapy, Hot stone massage, Aromatherapy massage, Trigger point massage, Reflexology foot massage, and Couples massage. We are thrilled to have her onboard and you will be, too! Book now!


Viktoria is a multifaceted professional with a rich background in the arts, wellness, and education. Viktoria, originally from Budapest, Hungary, honed her skills in yoga, dance, and music. She has since traveled globally, living on three different continents and immersing herself in various cultures. As a dedicated mother of two girls, her experiences as an expatriate have enriched her perspective and approach to life. 

Viktoria's journey has led her to explore the intricate connections between art, health, and personal well-being. Her pursuit in massage therapy is a testament to her belief in integrating art, yoga, and body awareness to enhance a holistic way of life. As a certified aromatherapist and a student working towards her master’s degree, Viktoria excels in various massage therapy techniques, including Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Thai Yoga, and Positional Release. Her approach is rooted in the importance of mindfulness and the intention in touch, reflecting her deep understanding of the human experience and her commitment to raising quality of life.



*PREFERS 90 MIN. APPTS* Bev is a veteran Therapist in the industry with 30 yrs experience in massage. Bev holds certification in Medical Massage, specializing in focused rehab of the hip, low back, & neck. Bev is the Owner/Mgr. of Hands of Light Massage.

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